X to Deploy High-Speed Wireless Internet in Andhra Pradesh


X, a supplementary of Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc, to set up a Free Space Optical Communication (FSOC) technology in Andhra Pradesh. The technology will provide wireless internet connection at high-speed.

FSOC technology is one of its kind in the world. The technology will provide wireless internet speed of up to 20Gbps covering a distance of up to 20 kilometers.

On Friday, Andhra Pradesh Information Technology Minister Nara Lokesh, visited X offices in Mountain View, California. During the meeting, an agreement between Andhra Pradesh State FiberNet Limited (APSFL) and X was signed. The agreement aims at improving fiber connectivity in the state.

Lokesh said that the government wants to have more than 12 million households and 130,000 enterprises connected to the high-speed internet. The state expects completion of this internet connection in March 2019.

Lokesh added that Andhra Pradesh Development Board (APDB), would use the FSOC links to try and bring fast and reliable internet to people across the state.

AP IT Minister Nara Lokesh with X’s Astro Teller

“We’re delighted to partner with APFiberNet on this promising innovation that could overcome challenges of getting high-speed internet to areas that are unreachable. We look forward to helping residents in these areas benefit from the internet,” said X’s Astro Teller, during his meeting with IT Minister, Nara Lokesh.

X, formerly known as Google X, will set up a local office with the help of Andhra Pradesh government. The company is to also supply the state with 2,000 FSOC links.  The company’s engineers and experts will work together with APSFL staff. The staff will help the experts in identifying and selecting suitable sites for deployment of FSOC links.

Rivers and railway crossing are a significant challenge in the state. This may hinder some areas from getting the internet if not well adressed.

X will also provide bandwidth with high transmitting signal to telecom towers in Andhra Pradesh. Currently, the towers are at low data rate with more than 15,000 towers relying on microwave links. X company will upgrade the services from 2G to 3G and 4G.