You Won’t Believe Nokia Sold These Products in Past!


Nokia, As majority of you know is a famous mobile producer in the world. I believe majority of the  audience here know Nokia as a mobile manufacturer. Are Mobiles the only thing Nokia ever made? The answer is NO. You won’t even believe that Nokia sold these kind of things before. Wondering what these things are right? Okay! then hang on with the article as I am sharing some unbelievable facts about Nokia history.

Nokia Was A Wood Pulp Mill!

Yes it is a fact. Nokia originally was a wood pulp mill in the Finland founded in 1865. Yes I repeat a Wood Pulp Mill. It is pretty unbelievable right?


Nokia Made Rubber, Cables, Chemicals, Computer

Again another unbelievable fact! In 1967, Nokia Corporation came into being when Nokia AB, Finland Rubber Works and Finland Cable Works merged together. Nokia Corporation then produced number of products like rubber, cables, footwear, chemicals etc

Some More Unbelievable Product

Need some more? Here you go Nokia even produced Capacitors, Gas Masks, Televisions and Toilet Papers. You read that right, Nokia even produced Toilet Papers!

It was surprising to know how many products Nokia have produced. From pulp factory to leading mobile manufacturer, Nokia Sure progressed a lot.

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