Wonderful! This technology is able to make a woman face who dies 1700 years ago


Technology continues to evolve over time. Technology is growing fast so it can simplify human in everyday life. In addition, technology has a tremendous impact on human life. Technology can also change the impossible until it becomes possible. Like the latest discoveries of scientists from Peru. Scientists can reconstruct a mummy that predicted alive in 1700 years ago. Then, like what is the mummy’s face?

The Dead Lady 1700 Years Ago Named Lady of Cao

The mummy that lived 1700 years ago was named Lady of Cao. She is a leader and also a religious figure in Peru. Lady of Cao lives deserted in Peru. She died at the age of about 20 years and was caused by complications during labor. Mentioned, Lady of Cao is buried with her wealth. Lady of Cao was discovered in 2005. The discovery of the Lady of Cao’s body is able to show that women in the ancient Moche community who live around the year 100 to 700 BC have the same status as men.

This technology is able to Reconstruct Lady of Cao’s face

The discovery of Lady of Cao in 2005 made the Ministry of Culture Salvador del Solar also made a replica of the stature of the religious leaders in Peru. Findings of mummy that live bones are replicated to become a human form again. With the help of 3D imaging technology, forensic archeology and ethnographic research for 10 months, Lady of Cao’s replica was successfully created. The details on the Lady of Cao’s body are made as closely as possible, like the snake tattoo and the spider that is on his body. The success of this replica is a collaboration involving archaeologists, Wiese Foundation and global imaging company FARO Technologies Inc., to be featured in Lima on July 16th.

lady of the cao