Whatsapp Server Faced Problem For Sometime


Whatsapp uses the internet for sending messages, images, audio, and videos. It is among the best services which a user can get for exchanging messages. Whatsapp is used in over 180 countries. More than 1 billion people use WhatsApp every month.  You can share more than 42 billion messages and 1.6 billion photos every day on WhatsApp.

Global Outage Faced by Whatsapp in May

Whatsapp faced an outage problem in the month of May for some time. The problem was faced almost everywhere in the world. The same problem was faced yesterday on whatsapp.  Whatsapp faced a global outage on Thursday. The problem occurred for only sometime.

People Reaction on the Global Outage

The problem started approximately at 9:42 PM Eastern Daylight Time. When the outage started almost 46% of the people reported. They were facing the problem in the connection while accessing the WhatsApp. 36% of the users have complained the problem while exchanging the messages. Almost 26% of the users reported as they were facing the problem while logging in the account.

The company Apologise for the Inconvenience

Whatsapp might be aware of this problem. The outage problem has been solved already. An employee of WhatsApp speaks up officially to the public about the problem. He said that people were facing problems while accessing WhatsApp almost everywhere in the world. He also added that they have solved the problem. The spokesperson apologized to the users for the inconvenience.

Whatsapp Messenger is working after adding payment option to the app through UPI.

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