WhatsApp new feature is WhatsApp Pay


Good news for the WhatsApp lovers. We are getting a lot of updates from the WhatsApp. Now we are getting a new update of WhatsApp pay. It is going to be launched in December. WhatsApp Messenger is a freeware application. It makes a platform for messaging service in smartphones. This is being a considerable buzz around the feature.


This giant company has been working to get that new feature to be successful since months. At present in a month, it is going to be out. The last testing stage is going on. WhatsApp pay is likely to see a launch in December. India will be the first country to get this new update. It is because of the 200million- plus users. WhatsApp is the largest market in all over the world.

A report told that they like to do some sort of extended beta program for this new update in the months of November and also by the December. But you can expect a full updated version. WhatsApp has also shared partnership with the three India’s leading national banks.


The leading banks are SBI, ICICI, and HDFC. This WhatsApp pay would require a UPI code architecture to function the pay.

They also told that making a payment on WhatsApp will be so easy and also as simple as sharing a photo on it. A rupee addition symbol would crop up when a user clicks on Attachment. The customers can make a peer- to- peer payment through a step process. It is of entering the amount and PIN.

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