WhatsApp to Launch a Business App Soon

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WhatsApp, a Facebook-owned company, seems to take a step into the business world. The company plans to launch a standalone App, “WhatsApp Business” with new exciting features. Business men and women mostly in Asia, use WhatsApp an informal means of communication due to its popularity.

The FAQ published on the company’s website says that the new App has detailed Business account features that will help you distinguish between a verified and non-verified profile.

In the new FAQ, they also added that you can quickly tell by checking your contacts profiles to see if they have verified profiles.

“A WhatsApp Business verified account has a green check mark badge in its profile. A Business account with a grey question mark in its profile means the account is using the WhatsApp Business App, but has not been confirmed or verified by WhatsApp Company.”

Difference between WhatsApp Business and Regular WhatsApp

Unlike the regular WhatsApp logo which is a call symbol inside a bubble, WhatsApp Business App’s new icon is a ‘B’ inside the green conversation bubble.

The new App also allows you to create a business profile, data analysis, chat migration and auto responses to all your contacts.

The company’s new FAQ further said, “We also provide you with tools you need to control your experience with businesses. You can block business accounts and report them as spam at any time, right within the chat.”

A private group is testing the widely talked about App, “WhatsApp Business.” But currently, on Play Store, the description reads: “As a test partner for ‘WhatsApp Business,’ you have early access to a wide range of new features that we’ve built with you in mind. As you experiment with what this new app has to offer, please share your experiences with us so that we can improve the product.”


WhatsApp Business wants to clear doubts among its users about a fake version of WhatsApp found on Google Play Store. Several people have downloaded the fraudulent App that read, “Updated WhatsApp Messenger,” and developed by WhatsApp Inc.