WhatsApp Introduces YouTube PiP For Apple Users


WhatsApp has announced a new feature that Apple users will benefit from. YouTube PiP (Picture-in-Picture) is the latest features the company has introduced.

This means that iOS users can now watch YouTube videos and send to them via the messaging app within the chat without being redirected to YouTube platform. Once the user receives the video link, they can open and watch it there while doing other things. The video keeps playing even when the user switches to another chat or exits the window, but it closes the moment they leave WhatsApp.

The Facebook-owned company has been planning to bring this feature to its platform for a while now. However, it is officially in public but accessible by iPhone users only.

The feature, well known as YouTube PiP (Picture-in-Picture) comes with WhatsApp’s latest version, v2.18.11. So, all iPhone users can visit Applle’s App Store to either download or update the App.

Other Features That Comes With YouTube PIP

The new feature of WhatsApp video, YouTube Pip, also comes with additional features that enable the user to control it. They include; a play and pause button control, an icon to switch to full screen and another one close the video.

The bubble only appears on the screen once the mobile phone user receives a video link from another contact. When the bubble pops up, the user can move it anywhere on the screen. Also, the bubble can be resized using the pitch-to-zoom gesture.

This is more like Facebook’s standalone messaging app. Once someone who uses the app receives the message from another user, the messenger bubble pops up on the screen. Hence, the user can move this bubble to any position on the screen.

In September last year, WhatsApp introduced PiP and text-only colored feature for status. The feature is available for both operating systems (Android and iOS), but it is not clear whether Android users will later get the YouTube PiP feature or not.