Welcoming News for the Victims of Harvey


Harm Caused By Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey affected a lot of people living in Houston. It also washed away the residents of many people living in Houston. It also affected the agricultural economy of Texas. Hurricane Harvey harmed energy sectors too.

Priest of the Church Didn’t Come Forward To Help the Victims

The priest of the megachurch in Houston closed the doors of the church. He didn’t even open the doors till now to give shelter to those people who have lost their residences. In such circumstances, Kardashians come forward to help the victims. Kim, Kris, Khloe, Kendall, Kylie, and Kourtney gave $500,000 to The Red Cross and The Salvation Army on Tuesday according to some trusted sources. The money will be distributed equally among the people.

Kardashians Touched by the Storm Fighters

The Kardashians felt deeply about the people of Houston who were fighting with the storm with great courage and the ones who were working for relief work. Kevin Hart started the movement of donations on Monday. He challenged other Hollywood celebs also to take part in this.

People’s Response on Kardashians Action

Many people came up with different opinions after Kardashians donated money to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. They got 1069 comments from people until last the date.

Stacey Zimmerman praised Kardashians by writing that at least someone provided help by giving money to the victims. Daniel LaRusso called Kardashians goofs. He has written that at least they have donated something. Disciple didn’t believe on the charity of Kardashians. He asked for the proof in his comment. Another person praised the lord as Kardashians finally took a step to help others too.