Wayne Rooney Fears for His Marriage as His Wife Coleen Plans to Walk Away



Wayne Rooney’s marriage is on balance as his Wife Coleen says she is walking away. The scandal happens after Rooney was arrested on Friday for drinking and driving. Reports show that the Everton star was driving another woman’s car at the moment.

Wayne is said to have kissed Laura Simpson as his wife, and three children were in Majorca for a holiday. Apparently, Laura Simpson, a single mum, doesn’t seem to be swayed by the whole situation. As she has since suggested that she and Rooney would have spent the night together had it not for the arrest.

A source close to Rooney says that he is terrified as he thinks that is his marriage of nine years has come to a sudden halt. According to the source, Coleen believes that this last Friday’s scandal is the last one, she can’t take any more. Sources reveal that Rooney’s wife has been spending a lot of time with her parents thinking of what to do next. But as it stands, she feels that it is (the marriage) is over.


A friend of Wayne Rooney says that “Wayne doesn’t know what to do with himself.”. The friend further explains that Wayne has had to apologize to Coleen many times before, but the current one looks just so complicated. She (Coleen) is distraught.

Referring to her night with the professional footballer, Laura describes their encounter as “harmless fun.” “Was I to spend the night with him? Perhaps, we had not discussed it” says Laura. She further adds that “am not a marriage wrecker, it was all playful fun.”

Coleen cut short her holiday and flew back to England upon receiving the news. An insider reveals that she was feeling “livid and embarrassed.”

The two got married in 2008 after dating since the age of 16. Together they are blessed with three children, with Coleen pregnant with their fourth kid.