Walmart advertised a Collection of Guns as ‘Back to School’ items. Apologizes later.


The shopping giant Walmart made a blunder a few days ago. They advertised a gun collection as ‘Back to School’ items in one of their stores. They had to apologize later.

How did it come to notice?

The blunder was revealed through a photo on Reddit. The photo went viral across all social media platforms. The picture showed a case of glass containing guns in it. There was a written sign above it. It read, “Own the school year like a hero”.

back to school

Reaction from the mass

The picture created unrest among the people. People are expressing their grievances on the social media. Users on Twitter are asking for an explanation on the issue. They are also asking questions such as “What are you suggesting?”.

Response from Walmart

The CNN money has reported that Walmart had described the scenario as extremely awful. They also said that they were trying to figure out (“working diligently”) the Walmart store which caused this blunder.

Walmart admitted at first to have found the store responsible. But, now a spokesperson of Walmart has confirmed that that was a mistake. They haven’t found the right store yet. They are still in search of the wrong signboard.

An earlier Mishap

Walmart fell prey to another such blunder last year. It was in a store in Panama City, the Tower of Coca-Cola boxes at that time. It was made to look like World Trade Centre. Unfortunately, it appeared to be an effort to celebrate the attacks of September 11.