Walk, Jog, Run and Charge Your Smart Phone


So you are like one of those guys who love to hear songs as you workout or jog? But what you do when you run out of battery? You are in middle of a workout and just when you favorite song hit in, your battery is dead. It’s frustrating right? Ever thought of a solution to tackle this? How about to charge your smart phone during workout? Ever considered that? In this article you will get to know about a device that charges your phone as you walk.

“Ampy Move” The Motion Charger

Ampy Move is name of the device that can charge you phone during your workout. The device is a motion charger ans use the kinetic energy you produce during exercise to charge you smartphone. You just have to keep the device with you plugged in to smart phone.

Ampy comes with sweat proof body and with 1800mAH battery. Ampy weigh about average smart phone weight. It contains to inductor that transform you movements into usable energy that charge your smart phone.

According to the creators, An hour of exercise can produce charging that last up to 1 hour of smart phone battery life if used normally. On stand by, battery last 5 hours.

Another noteworthy feature of Ampy is that it is not only a motion charger but it is a power bank too. You can charge you Ampy in home and use it as a power bank.

Ampy is as small as a deck of card. You can wear you Ampy wherever you can. Just make sure it moves when you move. Walk, Jog, Run or cycle, Ampy will convert kinetic energy to charge you phone

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cover image source (http://www.getampy.com/images/may2015/AMPY_office.jpg)