Volkswagen electric micro bus to be introduced in 2022


The Volkswagen electric micro bus is set to hit the roads in 2022. Volkswagen says that it is going to build a version of its I.D Buzz concept and hopes to start selling by the year 2022.

The Detroit Auto show revealed early this year that the car resembles the legendary vehicle they sold between 1950 and 1980 to the North Americans. The idea will be a slight change in the original version with a blunt face. Its batteries will be installed under the floor of the vehicle. To grasp the whole idea of how the electric micro bus will look like, think of a vehicle that looks more like a van. A Chevrolet bolt is a good example of how it will feel like driving the Volkswagen electric micro bus.

The introduction of this car will be quite an impression for people who love a lot of passengers space as well as for those who hate the original micro buses; with rear engines and powered by gasoline, this is for you. Volkswagen did not issue the official brand name of the car.

According to Volkswagen, the electric bus will also serve commercial purposes. The VW electric micro bus will serve as cargo van in different cities. The automobile will prove its worth in the towns with emission regulations.

The new bus will be semi-autonomous, with level 3 self-driving capabilities. Even though a human driver is required, the car can take control of part of the driving responsibilities. The new bus is expected to utilize the electrification and self-drive potential introduced under that brand. In addition to this, Volkswagen is set to produce a fully self-driven car by 2025, dubbed I.D pilot.

Final Thoughts

Despite the fact many people had lost faith in Volkswagen following the diesel-emission cases, the electric bus will be a fantastic move to redeem themselves. The micro electric bus might be the best maneuver to smooth over the issue.

Mark your calendars, and let the countdown begin.