Vision E3 Way: BMW Imagines Elevated e-Bikes Pathway Will Ease Traffic and Manage Pollution


Have you ever imagined living in science fiction movies? Where you commute on smoothly moving skateboards, and, or some sophisticated bikes on extra-ordinarily beautiful roads or elevated pathways? BMW imagines how bringing the future to the present can ease traffic on busy streets. And elevated e-Bike pathways is their solution.

Their idea is fantastic. And if they can live up to it, they’ll have saved most of world’s busy cities the traffic congestion nightmare.

For most of these busy cities like Hong Kong, the cyclists can tell you that for sure, they do not enjoy the environment. With all the hooting from large trucks, dust from the roads and the fact that your mind must stay focused on the road at all time, riding a bike cannot be fun at all.

While some of these cities have gone an extra mile to take care of their cyclists’ needs, other cities don’t have enough space to do that. And those that have space do not have resources regarding expertise and funds.

If I were to advise the cities’ management, I’d tell them it’s time they gave BMW a chance.

The German’s auto builders might have the key to the future of city transportation. The company has recently shown an increased interest in two-wheeled electric vehicles, e-Bikes to be precise. Apparently, it is this quest that has led them to design one of the best and viable city road system that could eliminate congestion for good.

The Vision E3 way was designed in BMW’s tech office in Shanghai China, and it involves e-Bikes moving about the urban areas in enclosed tubes. The elevated pathways will accommodate anything with two wheels and electric motor, from electric bicycles, EV scooters, and electric motorbikes.

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These types of vehicles are common in most of the world’s megacities. They make life efficient for solo commuters who do not require the mass transportation means like buses and trains. Putting the Vision E3 way into reality will enhance the city dwellers’ movement and take their commuting experience to a whole new level.

For cities with limited public lands for roads expansion, the BMW idea from the future might be the best and only option they have. The Vision E3 way is designed to suspend above the existing traditional roads.

You might be thinking of the common elevated bike paths that you might have come across, that is not the same as this one of BMW. Vision E3 way will feature an enclosed design aimed at protecting cyclists on e-Bikes from rain, keep them safe from freezing winters and sticky summers.

It requires a serious funding and willing minds to make this fiction a reality. And with the continued increase in city pollution and congestion, the Vision E3 way is worth giving a try.