Vampire Therapy pays the bills for Alzheimer disease people


Throughout the history, many of the cultures have been extolled the properties of the youthful blood and with the children sacrificed and also the blood of young warriors drunk by the victors.

Kim himself injected:

It was commonly rumored that the North Korean dictator Kim injected himself. It is of the blood from the healthiest young person virgins to slow the aging process.

Youngblood proteins:

The scientists believe that the young blood is very potent. It is only because it carries large quantities of proteins known as GDF 111. It is which diminishes as we age. In previous studies that they have shown that GDF 1111 can improve the function of every organ in the body.

Drug Trials:

The estimation is to be 850,000 people with Alzheimer’s in Britain. But it is done of several drug trials, and no treatment has been showing to halt. And it is used to prevent or reverse the symptoms.

For the new trial, 18 over 65 aged people with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s were given either four weekly infusions of plasma from the people aged between 18 and 30

Scientists used only the plasma which is of the blood, it is clear that liquid remains after red and white blood cells are removed. It is which contains proteins, salts, enzymes, and antibodies.

After a six-week ‘wash-out’ period, the test was reversed and those initially receiving plasma were given infusions antibodies and vice- versa.

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