US Military billed out of $50 million for Luxury Cars on Afghanistan deal

U.S. troops assess the damage to an armoured vehicle of NATO-led military coalition after a suicide bomber's attack in Kandahar province, Afghanistan August 2, 2017. REUTERS/Ahmad Nadeem - RTS1A37P

Recently, a US contractor billed the US military for high end luxury cars and huge amount of salaries for their close ones. The cars included the brands like Aston Martin and Bentley. They were billed out of $50 million. Now, US senator, Claire McCaskill asked Pentagon for an explanation on this issue.

New Century Consulting

New Century Consulting (NCC) is a British firm. It was contracted to train the Afghanistan forces within the ‘Legacy East’ program. Basically, it was under Imperitas which is currently dysfunctional.

What did it bill for?

New Century Consulting billed the government under Imperitas. The billing included luxury cars. Some of them are Porsches, Alfa Romeos, a Bentley, a Land Rover, and an Aston Martin. It also included the pay for close ones in the senior division. The average of it was $420,000. They were labeled as executive assistants.

McCaskill not buying it

The senator of Missouri, McCaskill, wrote a letter to Defense Secretary, James Mattis on Wednesday. She wrote, “NCC was unable to provide evidence that these executive assistants actually performed any work.” McCaskill demanded answers regarding the unnecessary and irregular expenditure. She also said the salaries of the so called executive assistants were not appropriate.

The chief executive officer of NCC, Michael Grunberg, said that it was extremely unfair to pay inappropriate salaries to the executive assistants. He further said that the audit had accounted for at most 3 vehicles during the entire business at any particular time.