The Ultimate iPhone Hacks we bet you don’t know about!


So many iPhone hacks for different iPhone models have already been published on blogs and YouTube. However, there is this little iPhone keyboard hack that very few people know about, yet if you knew about it, it would make your texting life quite easy!

iPhones have a 3D touch dial hidden under the keyboard and its function is exactly like that of your mouse on a PC. Instead of double tapping the screen of your phone to move the cursor, you can simply do this simple operation:

To start with, press and hold your finger on the screen until the keyboard disappears. Then move your finger to the exact text where you want to do the editing. The cursor will follow your finger, like how you normally edit text in a Microsoft Word document on your PC.

This hack was actually announced by Apple last year but since most people don’t really pay attention to such kinds of updates, very few have heard or read about this hack.

In their iOS tips book, Apple mentioned that this only works for iPhone 6s, iPhone6s Plus, or the newer iPhone models. This I because they have a new 3D touch feature that can sense finger pressure.

According to News Australia, there are still plenty of other hidden features on later iPhone. These features include:

Accurate Signal Reading

Dial *3001#12345#* on your iPhone and press Call to see your signal strength. On the top left of your screen, you will see number 0-100 which dictates your signal.

Eliminate the red notifications

Go to settings, turn off BADGE ICONS

Shake to undo mistake

Go to settings, then general, then accessibility, and then turn on/off SHAKE TO UNDO

Built in Spirit Level

I bet nobody knows that their iPhone has a Spirit level! To see this, go to Compass and swipe left.