Uhuru Kenyatta to be Sworn in as Kenya’s President After the Supreme Court Upheld His October Election Victory


The Supreme Court has delivered a unanimous verdict on the petitions presented to the court challenging the reelection of Uhuru Kenyatta on October 26.

The October election was supposed to be a rerun between the Incumbent president Kenyatta and the opposition leader Raila Odinga. However, the opposition leader withdrew from the ballot claiming that the election would be rigged yet again.

Before his withdrawal, Mr. Odinga had presented some requests to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission with the condition that if his requirements weren’t met, he wouldn’t participate in the repeat election.

The opposition leaders and their supporters are expected to hold multiple rallies in the country to challenge the upholding of Kenyatta’s victory. Raila Odinga and other NASA co-principals have not said anything yet about the Monday morning ruling.

Apart from the economic boycotts taking place across the country, the opposition leader Raila Odinga has not yet said what other moves he has in store to challenge Kenyatta’s presidency.

The elected president Uhuru Kenyatta will be sworn in on Tuesday, 28th of November.

Violence and Destruction

Uhuru Kenyatta, supreme court

Following Odinga’s return to the country on Friday last week, deaths and property destruction has been witnessed in many parts of the country, with Friday alone leaving over five people dead, and unimaginable property destruction.

Mr. Odinga claims that the government has authorized the police, which he calls ‘armed militia’ to use live bullets to disperse his supporters.

The October repeat election was as a result of an annulled August election. The Supreme Court nullified the election of Uhuru Kenyatta citing illegalities and irregularities. Odinga boycotted the repeat poll saying the same mess that led to the repeat was going to happen again if his suggested reforms were not put in place.

When IEBC announced the repeat poll results, Kenyatta acknowledged the possibilities of legal challenge by the opposition. He added that he would adhere to all the court directives had his victory been challenged. However, when the petitions were presented to the court, Kenyatta called the whole process a waste of time.

To counter the victory of Uhuru Kenyatta, Mr. Odinga vowed not to give him (Kenyatta) peace during his presidency. He called for a national resistance movement that started its action by boycotting products from companies he believes helped President Kenyatta to rig the first election.