UFC Champ Tested Positive in The Drug Test!


Jon Jones failed the drug test at UFC 214

Jon Jones remained the Light Heavyweight Champion of UFC for a very long time. In a recent turn of event, he was tested positive for drug use. The drug test was prior to the UFC 214. The USADA test revealed the usage of banned substances.

The Disputed Fight

The conflicted fight was between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier. The crowd witnessed the fight on 29th July. It took place in Anaheim, Calif. Jon Jones emerged as a winner in the fight. He won over Cormier by third round TKO. Jon regained the UFC light heavyweight title with this victory. He has been provisionally suspended after the test results.

The news breaker

TMZ was the first to report this news. According to TMZ, Cormier will get the title back from Jones. UFC has given the confirmation of the positive drug test of Jon Jones. The statement from UFC was published on the website. UFC President Dana White has stated that nothing has been decided yet.

USADA said that the test sample was taken on July 28th.

Steroids in the sample

According to the reports from TMZ, Jon’s samples contained steroid turinabol.  The punishment for the usage of this drug comes in two categories. The punishment is two years ban for the first time offenders. The suspension is even longer for multiple time convicts.

The California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) also exercises judicial powers over the matter. It has also confirmed the news of positive drug test of Jon Jones on Tuesday.