Uber’s Drivers’ Information was Hacked


Uber is a Global transportation technology. It had failed to give notifications to some of its millions of users about their data which includes names, e-mail id’s, contact numbers and their license numbers. It was exposed when the hackers accessed that the information in the previous year.

As the result of this failure to intimate its customers, CEO opened an investigation into how the company balanced the incident. CEO fired two people who handled the client’s response procedure.

Uber’s chief security officer named Joe Sullivan was one of the two. He was hired in 2015 as the first security chief after the Uber had suffered a series of hacks. This attack occurred under Joe’s watch. It is likely the largest data that breaches the embattled ride-hailing giant has experienced.

Paid to keep the hack in silent:

Uber paid $100,000 to the hackers for deleting the data which they got and for keeping the hack in silent. They paid instead of sending the information to the users.

Now, Uber has now hired the help of Olsen and IronNet Cybersecurity. Olsen is the former of the NSA general counsel. IronNet’s co-founder is hired to guide the security members to move forward.

600,000 drivers’ information hacked:

Almost 600,000 drivers’ license numbers downloaded after the hack. They will receive free credit monitoring and also identify the theft protection. The individual will get the notification after a year. If the drivers want to check the status of their account, they can check it by opening the profile.

Authorities were notified:

Authorities got the information on hack except for the drivers. They were notified regarding the hack.

Uber doesn’t believe in the riders who need to take any further action. But they should monitor their credit accounts or any other.

No sign of hacking:

The forensic experts had not found any type of sign. Symbols such as the data tripping, bank accounts, birth date, credit card numbers or the social security number were downloaded.

Uber doesn’t believe that the downloaded data had misused. But is monitoring the affected the accounts.

Uber is facing a number of federal probes into its privacy practices as it transitions from its former legal officer. But the legal officer was not notified regarding the hack.

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