Uber’s Chief Legal Officer to Exit the Company

By Dllu (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

San Fransisco-based tech company, Uber, might be needing a new counselor to represent them in the frequent lawsuits that the company has become fond of. This is after the acting CLO (Chief Legal Officer) at Uber, Salle Yoo, sent an email to the company’s employees saying that she would step down soon after she helps the CEO to look for her own replacement.

Uber is in the process of making massive reforms in its operations, just to help the company maintain its global market share of the transport industry. Just recently, the company revealed an estimated loss of $645 million in the second quarter of its financial year. Actually, this loss is still not the highest number that the company has suffered. When the global picture comes into question, the company has lost way more than this before.

Meanwhile, Lyft Inc., which happens to be Uber’s main competitor in the American Market, has been eating well into Uber’s customer base, enjoying good times while Uber is busy settling lawsuits and driver demonstrations all over the world. All the same, much is expected from the company after Travis Kalanick (Uber’s former CEO) stepped down to pave way for a new CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi.

According to Bloomberg, Khosrowshahi has had his own share of good times and bedtimes in the startups’ domain, being a focal figure in the success of Expedia Inc. He was the former Expedia, and perhaps that’s the reason, Uber went hunting for him as a replacement to Kalanick. Probably, due to his experience in the Industry.

Uber’s Chief Legal Officer Salle Yoo has held the seat as the company’s attorney for a very long time and to some extent, she might be nonpareil especially in terms of proficiency. In a span of two years, Uber has hardly gone a week without a protest held in different cities around the world, the worst case scenario being India and African countries.

This has, in turn, translated to very many lawsuits filed against the company, not to mention the shameful Sexual harassment allegations that Ex Uber employees brought to light. But guess what, Salle Yoo still helped Uber stand ground against the litigation turmoil. Apparently, this is the high time Uber needs Lawyers more than ever, as it tries to expand its territories. Salle’s departure might spell doom for the company if she is not replaced by an equally experienced person.

By Dllu (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons