Uber Joins Forces with BBM Messenger for Easy Ride Globally


Monday report confirms that Uber technology has now joined BlackBerry Messenger. The agreement between the two will enable Uber clients to book rides via BBM without leaving the app.

The global BBM app that is operated by Creative Media in Indonesia is available on both iOS and Android, and still enjoys a huge number of users in Asia.

Why is Uber Keen on BBM?

BBM is a leading chat app in Indonesia with over 60 million users out of the 260 million people.  Uber’s local rivals like Grab and Gojeck have not taken the step yet and so; Uber sees BBM as an untouched consumer base in a country that is witnessing a surge in ride-hailing business.

Chan Park, Uber’s General Manager in Southeast Asia, said, “With this partnership, BBM users can quickly request a ride via BBM regardless of variation in location, network speed or device features.”

The tie between the two technology platforms means that, BBM messenger users will not need a standalone Uber app to book a ride. The icon is just a tap away on the BBM Discover menu.

Using the Service

The service icon asks the riders to enter the mobile number and connect to their social media account. After signing in, the service accesses the user’s profile and automatically detects their location on the map. Then the rider will enter the destination, payment method and wait for the car.

“Uber has grown to play such a key role in many parts of the world today. We are happy to connect our millions of active users with the service, giving them an easy and reliable transportation option at the fingertips of the BBM eco-system.” Matthew Talbot, CEO of Creative Media Works Said.

Chan said that BBM messenger is the first platform in the Asian Pacific to partner with Uber and enable m.uber policy where users can directly request for a ride while chatting.