Twitter wants you to Tweet more: Time to cross the 140 character limit


The most annoying thing about Twitter, especially for marketers, is the fact that you only have 140 characters of tweet length to communicate your idea. So frustrating, but still an awesome way to filter all the unnecessary blurb on social media. However, the company is now testing the possibility of increasing this limit by actually doubling it to 280 characters.

Nonetheless, the 140 character limit on Twitter has only been waived off for certain small user subsets, just to help them get credible results from the test. Particularly, Twitter’s 280 character test targets users who use languages with rather complex characters, such as Japanese, Korean and Chinese. This is probably because, sometimes in the past, Twitter noticed that in these three languages, you can convey almost double the amount of information in one character as compared to other languages.

Thus, breaking the 140 character bar for tweets could be a way to equalize the game for everyone else. Originally, twitter placed this limit as a way to ensure that the 140 characters (in a single Tweet) can fit perfectly into a text message, of course during those days when People used to tweet via mobile messaging.

But with the relatively cheap smartphones that have continued to fill the world, you can guess it that, almost nobody wants to use Twitter via messaging. Everybody uses Twitter’s mobile app, basically because it’s more fun and engaging, right?

Does this mean that Twitter messaging functionality will be scraped off once the 280 character limit goes live? Well nobody knows, but unless, Grand Ma now wants to Tweet via Twitter’s Mobile App, Twitter might want to try and sustain that Tweet messaging functionality for a little bit longer. But sure enough, it soon will become obsolete. Personally, I think Twitter would be better, if it looked more like Facebook, in terms of tweets and updates.