Twitter is rolling out 280 – character limit officially


In the world, tweet 140 character is officially a thing of the past now. Today, Twitter had said that 280 character tweets will come up to the users after a test globally around the whole world. The tweets will set the standard in every language.

Exceptional countries:

This 280 character will be an exception to some of the countries. They are Korean, Chinese and Japanese. For these countries, the tweet limit will be 140 – character.

Test period:

Twitter told that the character expansion would allow the users to retain the service easily. 9% of the people want the character limit to be 140. And 1% people hit 280 character limits. Twitter said that the more space makes the users fit the thoughts easily. They can say what they want to say and can expand the tweets more than before.

Encouraging the users to post:

This makes the users encourage posts with the paragraphs replaces the one line and a link. And also this can be a large class of professors or the pundits who are just to explain the day’s events through threads. Everyone who has discussed 280 limits has brought the President’s Twitter account.

Most of the people who had 280 limits during the test period need not use the added real estate. 5% of tweets sent during the test which exceeds 140 characters. Just 2% exceeds 190 characters. The group felt better overall the usage of Twitter.


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