Twitter has lost more than a Million American Users in three months


An online social news market is the best word to describe Twitter. It’s one of the beloved platforms for our political leaders to make and awake controversies. Whether you are looking for news, messages from your actors or politicians, or controversial announcements, twitter is the place to visit.

It is predicted that the site has lost billions of active users. The site has not been able to add a single user to their database for this part of the year.

The nomination and election of the current US President profited the social media platform by increasing its user base to more than 300 million. Over the years, the corporation has gained much and they were starting to think that they had already conquered the American market. But according to Engadget, the numbers have not increased in a lapse of three months. Domestically the site is losing active users, which is not looking good for them.

The corporation has lost millions of dollars this year and although the ad agency might be kicking some fuel on the other fronts, the site is constantly losing both money and users. According to the CEO of the social platform, it is their active users that are the actual power of the company.

Nevertheless, although they may be losing active users, the promotion of Q2 from 2016-2017 has earned them millions. The investors might not be happy with the loss of active users but on the other side of the coin, advertisers are happy with Twitter’s trend since their advertising tricks are working.

The corporation is claiming growth of more than 11% through ad promotions. This profit, on the other hand, is about to benefit it in future. They are looking forward to overcoming those losses and gaining better results.

To overcome these facades, the site is currently kicking in some new features of its users and is hoping to achieve better results. The site is looking to engage more users and to increase its business soon.