Twitter Locked Actress Mcgowan Account For Violating The Rules


The actress Rose McGowan told in Instagram that her Twitter account had been temporarily locked. It is because of making the posts about Harvey Weinstein’s evil behavior.

Posted on Insta:

She posted this on Thursday on Insta after midnight. She attached a photo of that message from Twitter saying that she would be able to send the only direct message from her account unless she deleted tweets that violate the twitter rules.

Locked for 12 hours:

The screenshot announced a temporary freeze of prevention from tweeting the posts, retweeting or liking for 12 hours. Unlike a full suspension, this measure left her account visible.

A familiar is with the decision, who spoke on the condition of annoying because the information was confidential. It was said the phone number of a prominent person had been visible in a screenshot of an email that Ms. McGowan had posted on this service.

Twitter can do take down individual tweets, rather than suspending entire accounts. A person with MS. McGowan is familiar said her account had been frozen partly because of timing. The key decision makers at twitter said this.

It is located in San Francisco. They were out of the office when the account was locked up. When the workday started, Twitter’s executives decided to the lift the 12-hour freeze several hours early.

Twitter has been recently increased the scanning after many issues by allowing hundreds of Russian –linked accounts to flourish on the site. The Russian- linked account seemed intent on inciting partisan furor and electing Mr. Trump.

Twitter has been long for criticizing and monitoring many issues to see the violation of rules in the terms of services. Some important users have claimed the site.


After Ms. McGowan twitter account was unlocked on Thursday. And she made it clear the posts. Next, she made a tweet that when will the nuclear war violates your terms of service? This is done only to point out the statement of twitter.

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