Twitter Bans Two Kremlin Backed news Outlets


Twitter announced that it would ban RT and Sputnik. They are the two kremlins backed international news outlets from advertising on its platform, intensifying the battle over Russian propaganda on social media. And it is prompting an immediate threat of retaliation from the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The decision marked by one of the most aggressive moves by the American social media company. It is against the outlets. And it is which United States intelligence officials have linked to a wide-ranging kremlin effort. Twitter’s ban comes as United States authorities are pressuring Russia today.


Not banning any other advertising companies. Twitter said that RT and Sputnik will be allowed to retain their own Twitter accounts and followers.

Twitter is going same as Facebook and Google. Twitter is now at the center of congressional investigations into Russian interventions in the 2016 election. Kremlin-linked operatives’ position is paid on human trolls and the hordes of fake accounts.


Lawmakers who have been pressuring Twitter to address Russian. It is to use the Twitter to influence American politics.

Twitter has over 328 million monthly active users. It has struggled more to find growth and financial stability. In September, the company’s vice president for the policy was met with staff from house and Senate intelligence committees. It has shared copies of advertisements run on Twitter by RT’s three principal twitter accounts. Twitter said that RT had purchased about $274100 in advertising aimed at United States markets in 2016, promoting close to 2000 tweets.


Twitter’s decision to limit RT and Sputnik could raise questions. The questions are about how Twitter and rival social media companies treat other state-run or state-subsidized news organizations operating on their platforms. All over the world, the governments have messaging have made aggressive use of Twitter and Facebook to drive their own messaging.

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