Trump Viewed once-in-a-generation Eclipse from White House!


Trump and his wife viewed the eclipse from the blue room balcony of the white house. The couple stood along with their child. This eclipse comes only once in a generation. Trump and the First lady Melania Trump used protective glasses to look at the eclipse.

A shocking incident

President Trump removed his glasses to wave the crowd standing below. But, something much unexpected happened. Few people were even shocked. Trump pointed up the sky to show the eclipse to the crowd. Trump looked at the sky directly without any glasses. One of the members of his staff shouted. He told him not to look directly at the eclipse without glasses.


Eclipse Reached Its Apex

Trump again wore his glasses after two minutes. He looked upwards after that. Then he took a glimpse of the eclipse again. He stood like this for approximately one and a half minute. Till then the eclipse also reached its apex.

The reporter asked him a question. He inquired him about the view of the eclipse. President Trump responded him with thumbs up.

A number of senior executives blended with the president at that moment. Attorney General Mr. Jeff Sessions, Secretary of Commerce, Mr. Wilbur Ross, representative in trade, Mr. Robert Lighthizer, counselor of the White House Kellyanne Conway, director in communications Mr. Hope Hicks and the President’s daughter Ivanka Trump.

Trending Topic on Twitter

Everybody was taking about Trump that he looked at the eclipse without using glasses. This topic became the most trending for some time on Twitter.