Trump Condemns the Barcelona Attack


The American president, Donald Trump condemned the deadly Barcelona attack that occurred on Thursday. He pledged that the United States of America would do all they can to help. On his tweet to the people of Barcelona, the president urged them to be tough and stay strong.

Trump condemns Barcelona attack
The United States condemns the terror attack in Barcelona, Spain, and will do whatever is necessary to help

According to the associate’s press, a van rammed into Las Ramblas in Barcelona and left 13 people dead and over 50 injured. The local authorities hold terrorists accountable for the inhumane act. Las Ramblas is said to be a place filled with tourists all the time.

According to a white house official, the chief of staff, John Kelly, is aware of the Barcelona occurrences and he is keeping the president up to date. The American state secretary, Rex Tillerson, together with the secretary of defence, Jim Mattis, and their Japanese colleagues opened a joint press briefing as a way of acknowledging the bloody attack.

Speaking to news reporters, Tillerson said, “has the hallmarks, it appears, of yet another terrorist attack. We offer our condolences to the loss of life and the injuries that have occurred to so many innocent people yet again.” He further added that the America would continue to keep a check on the situation. “We stand ready to assist law enforcement and national security authorities in Spain,” Tillerson said.

On her tweet, the first lady Melania Trump offered her condolences and prayers to the bereaved and the injured during the Barcelona attack, an hour before the President’s tweet.