Troy Gentry dies in a Helicopter Crash!


Fatal end of a Country Star

Troy Gentry was one of the most famous celebrities Country singer. He was part of the country music group Montgomery Gentry. Troy died at the age of 50 on Friday. He fell prey to a fatal helicopter crash in New Jersey.

Montgomery Gentry group

Montgomery Gentry is one of the most loved groups in the Country music genre. The group consisted of only two members. Eddie Montgomery was the other member apart from Troy Gentry. ‘Something to be Proud of’ is one of the most popular hits of Montgomery Gentry. The song gained the first position in the country music charts in 2005.  Their other hit songs include – ‘If you ever stop loving me’, ‘My town’.

The crash

The helicopter crash that took away the life of Troy Gentry happened in a field in Medford. The incident took place around 1 p.m on Friday. The duo was going to perform in a concert on Friday night. The concert was scheduled at Flying W Airport and Resort. They were in the midst of a tour. The reason behind the crash is still unclear. The other member – Eddie Montgomery, was not on the helicopter during the crash. Investigating officers have already swarmed the accident scene.

Family need some Alone Time 

The official Twitter account of Montgomery Gentry confirmed the news of the incident. They also said that Troy Gentry’s family wished to acknowledge all kind thoughts and prayers from the loved ones. They added that the family had also asked for some privacy at a time like this.


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