Travis Scott and Jenner are going to have a baby:

Travis Scott and Jenner are going to have a baby-

The famous Rapper Travis is going to be a father as Jenner is pregnant. He is dating with the star that is 20- year old, since April. They were spotted at Coachella.  And the date on which something falls due of an expected birth of the baby is in January or February. And the gender of the baby is expecting female, related to unverified reports.


Travis and Jenner are the young cosmetic models. They became love birds and got matching Tattoos of a butterfly on their Ankles in June. On that day, Scott tweeted that legit happiest day of my life.

Jenner is a daughter of Caitlyn and Kris Jenner.  Jenner is posting her earlier pictures on social media like Twitter, Instagram. And she told her friends that she was excited and so Travis too. Scott had started to inform her friends that the couple is going to expect a baby.

TMZ is the first to publish this news exclusively on Friday that is 22nd of September. Later then PEOPLE website confirmed the report of Jenner’s Pregnancy.


Tyga is a rapper from Los Angeles.  He is Jenner’s ex.  Someone should worry about him of what about this news. He posted on social media and deleted quickly.

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