Transgender Woman is Elected in Virginia’s State Legislature


A transgender politician from Virginia has been elected to the state legislature. She is placed by unseating one of the longest-serving of state and most of the conservative lawmakers socially.

The democrat of Danica Roem is a former journalist for the Gainesville Times. He beat the Republican Bob Marshall that is sponsored the bill in this year that will have the required transgender people to use the bathrooms corresponding to the sex on their birth certificate.

Historic presence:

The democratic leader of House of Delegates of Virginia is David Toscano. He said that it will be historic and sends a message to all the politicians everywhere that is what politics of Bigotry is over almost.

In US politics, and on a good night for the diversity, Andrea Jenkins concludes the ward eight Minneapolis city council seat. It is becoming the first transgender person, is to win such high majority in that major city.

Ravinder Bhalla is the first Sikh person to become the mayor of Hoboken that is of New Jersey. It is despite an aggressive campaign that is turned the ugly when he was labeled a terrorist in flyers.

Democrats did well in the key contests on the night of Tuesday. Northam beat Gillespie in the Virginia governor race. Murphy romped to victory against the governor lieutenant of the state’s that is of Kim Guadagno.

Roem is the first transgender member of the House of Delegates and the second one Trans woman to be elected to the state house. Garrison is a first black woman who won the Republican in Massachusetts in 1993.

Campaign speech:

She discussed her gender identity during the campaign work. She focused more on jobs, northern Virginia’s traffic congestion and also the schools.

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