Tractive GPS Makes It Easy For You To Stay Connected With Your Pets

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Finding your dog or cat has never been that easy. But Tractive real-time GPS live tracker lets you stay connected with your dog or cat, regardless of time or distance.

Tractive is a worldwide reliable real-time GPS tracker company that specializes in pet tracking. At CES 2018, the company unveiled a new improved dog and cat tracker, entirely different from its predecessor, ‘Tractive Motion’.

Unlike Tractive Motion, the new GPS tracker comes with a switch that allows you easy access to the device’s battery, hence keeping the tracker on all through. The new Tractive GPS live streaming also alerts the owner immediately the dog or cat goes beyond the pre-destined area. The Tractive Motion had only one app that could tell the pet owners how active or lazy that was during the day.

In cases of rain or the pet falls in a pool of water, no need to worry since the tracker is waterproof.

The Tractive GPS tracker for cats weighs only 32-grams. Size-wise, it is reasonable according to the company’s report.

The tracker comes with a press button that allows you to either clip or remove the collar from the pet. In case a cat or dog gets stuck on the fence or branch, the GPS tracker can fall off. However, a debate of if the breakaway GPS trackers are 100 percent reliable is still on.

So, don’t lose track of your best friend, just attach the Tractive GPS live tracker on the pet’s collar, tether it to your Smartphone and track every step it takes.

Although Tractive hasn’t given the exact price of the device, rumors have it that it will cost roughly $70, more like the previous ones. Also, the company says that mass production of the GPS trackers begins in the next few months and Europe is among the first countries that will use the device.