Toyota Concept-i Is an Autonomous AI Powered Vehicle with “Human” Features

toyota, concept-i

With many auto manufacturers testing and launching self-driving vehicles, this one from Toyota has killed it all. The Concept-i autonomous car has everything that you couldn’t expect from a car; most importantly, the human touch.

Just as you could expect from a concept, so promising and pretty impracticable, so does the Toyota Concept-i seem. The company didn’t just design a simple transportation tool, but somewhat a personal assistant.

Toyota designed the concept to be warm and friendly and quite inviting towards the driver. The vehicle is capable of analyzing and gauging your emotions, habits and personality traits and learn from them, with the aim of understanding you better.

The car features an Artificial Intelligent virtual assistant, which Toyota gave a human name, Yui, to humanize the experience. The Japanese auto manufacturers say that this super intelligent vehicle will be here in 2020.

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The Toyota Concept-i is designed, after analyzing the driver’s data through AI deep learning and knowing him better, to be able to chat and establish a relationship with you. According to Toyota, a car shouldn’t just be another transportation box, but rather a companion.

With Yui being the center of concentration in Concept-i as your PA, the car is made such that it will greet you warmly and serve you with information relevant to that particular time. And it does that in even a more human touch than a real human personal assistant could do.

Yui is all around and all over your car, featuring a headlight that blinks from time to time, and safety warnings meant for other road users. Your PA is at your assistance at all time. For example, when you hit the brakes, a “watch out!” warning will appear for the driver behind you to slow down.

toyota, concept-i
Toyota Concept-i will warn other road road users when you apply brakes or about to make a turn

This car is quite impressive, and terrifying in a way. The personal touch is so deep that you’d be afraid driving in it. When you open the door, Yui will greet you so warmly with a pulsating LED light, that feels like a handshake.

The Toyota Concept-i might sound like an inconceivable idea, but it is entirely possible. If other AI personal assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google home can make a hotel reservation or book a flight for you, or even tell you a joke, then why not a, concept-i