Tories trying to take control of the Decision-Making committee in Britain


Who is the accused?

Theresa May is the one facing the accusations. She is being blamed for shattering the laws of the parliament. This is to disrupt the controversial changes in the law post Brexit.

The Conservatives lost the majority at the elections. But according to The Independent, they are still demanding to place their MPs in the crucial decision making committee.

What’s at stake here?

The Prime Minister’s power to push around 1000 corrections is the one at gamble here. The power to do corrections in laws of EU without the MPs consent is at stake. And all this through the Repeal Bill. Opposition parties are planning to join their forces. This may be the first parliamentary struggle over the Brexit issue.

Ms May paying on the safe side

The voice for protection of the rights of British laborers, and consumers has already been raised loud and high. In a situation like this, Ms May had vowed to protect the workers’ rights. But, she has denied any say on it being implemented in the law. Moreover, she didn’t make any promise on the standards of food.

A Vote in the Commons

A source related to the makeup committee has given a statement lately. He said that if the Tories continue on this path, they would be taking the matter to a vote in the Commons. The EU bill is expected to be presented in the Commons on 7th September. The bill pertains of converting the EU law into the UK law prior to Brexit completion in 2019.