Top 5 Smartphone Features That Are Dying Off Or No Longer Exists


Smartphone technology is evolving very fast. As a result, many new features pop up here and there. Some of them tend to stick around and some of them die off. Mainly because we find better ways to do something and when we find, we replace the older way. So we made a list of Top 5 smartphone features which are dying off or no longer exists.

1. Physical Keyboards

Before this touchscreen era took off, physical keyboards are everywhere. You may not believe but most of the early smartphones came with physical keyboards. Nowadays we don’t usually see a physical keyboard on a smartphone. As the time passed and touch-screen’s got better and the writing experience on them got better, we quickly got rid of the physical keyboard. Another reason was the race for making slimmer smartphones. You see, physical keyboards take an awful lot of space and usually make the phones a lot thicker. Getting rid of them made it easier for the manufacturers to achieve their slim phone goal. Though some smartphones still have the physical keyboard.

2. TrackBall & TrackPad

Another cool old feature that got swept away by the touchscreen was the TrackBall and Trackpad. Before the touchscreen, the only way to navigate on a smartphone was a trackball or some kind of trackpad. With the introduction of good quality touchscreens, the trackball becomes kind of irrelevant

3. Front Facing Speakers

This one might surprise you because there are many smartphones with front facing speakers and we all love this feature. The only reason this feature might become obsolete in future is the introduction of the bezel-less display. You see making a speaker under the display is really a hard work. Xiome tried to do that with their Mi-Mix but it is a lot harder. If bezel-less displays are the thing of the future then there is no space left for front facing speakers.

4. Removable Batteries

Removable batteries manage to make a way on this list because they are a feature of the past. Some big companies tried to hold on to them for a long time but as the uni body design became more popular they also removed this feature. Having a removable battery had its own advantages but the uni body design was more appealing. The uni body design also made it easier to make water and dust resistance phones.

5. Headphone Jack

Last but not least the headphone jack. This feature is kind of started fading away after Apple announced their iPhone 7. The biggest reason for this is the goal to make smartphones with only one port. You can still find a lot of smartphones with a headphone jack but you have to admit that this feature is trending down. It might take a lot of time to get rid of the headphone jack from all the smartphones but that day will surely come. Let’s just hope getting rid of this feature doesn’t make our lives more complicated!!

What do you think about this list? did we missed something?. Let us know in the comment section down below.