Top 5 PAID Android and IOS GAMES of June 2017


The vast number of smartphone games bombard us every month. Therefore here at Nextworm, we pledge to search for some of the best games that come out every month and make a list for you to enjoy them without wasting your precious time on the app store. So, here is our list of top 5 paid Android and IOS games of June 2017. Especially relevant, all of the games listed are under 5 bucks.

5. FRAMED 2 ($4.99)

Framed 2 is a very interesting puzzle game where you have to rearrange the panels in a comic book. Obviously doing that changes the outcome drastically. The story line of Framed 2 is quite engaging. Most noteworthy there are consequences of certain actions executing in different order. So you to plan every move while keeping your next move in mind. This game is pretty challenging and playing this game is fun. As a result, If you are a fan of comic based puzzle games then this game is built for you.


The Walking Dead: A New Frontier is a new game in the Walking Dead series by Telltale. To be honest Telltale made its name in the gaming industry by making great story telling games. And this new game further extends the walking dead series and people are still playing their games because they make good games. The overall graphics are better than the previous version and the story line sucks you right into the game. Just like any other Telltale game this game is worth paying 5 bucks.

3. MONUMENT VALLEY 2 ($4.99)

Monument Valley 2 is the second part of the original game Monument Valley. Therefore Just like Monument Valley, the second part of the game is amazing and I feel like the second part is better than the previous one. It is a puzzle game with a great soundtrack and amazing aesthetics. Anyone who plays the game is bound to be amazed by the experience this game provides. Even if you don’t like the puzzle game genre you will still fall in love with this game. I strongly suggest you should check out both part of this game, you can thank me later.

2. OLD MAN’S JURNEY ($4.99)

The Old Man’s Jurney is a narrative puzzle game. This game starts with an old man receiving a letter and has to go on a journey, pretty self-explanatory. Hence this game uses the narrative design and gameplay elements to say a lot without even speaking a word. Most probably you are going to be amazed by the artistic aspect of this game and this game proves why games are a form of art. This is not a long game but it manages to provide so much in a short period of time.

1.BEHOLDER ($4.99)
In at number 5 is Beholder. It is that type of game which takes a new concept and makes it work perfectly and manages to provide a unique experience. Consequently, In this game, you play as the manager of an apartment building employed by the state and your work is to spy on the people of your apartment and report any suspicious activities to the state. There are different characters in this game and everyone has different personalities. As a result, you get to know them in various ways. This game has a unique storyline and it deserves to be in number 1 place

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