Top 5 New Movies You Must Watch This September


This is September and we are back with a new top 5 list of new movies that you must watch this September. This list contains something for everyone and I hope you will love these movies.

5. Spiderman Homecoming

Spiderman Homecoming starring Tom Holland is one of the best superhero movies of this year. This movie falls in the genre of comedy/drama. The clever story writing by Jonathan Goldstein makes the whole experience unique and full of humour. In this movie, Spidey has to prove to Tony Stark that he is more than a high school kid with super powers.

4. The Mummy

In 1127 A.D., several English crusader knights bury an Egyptian Ruby within the tomb of one of their number. In present-day London, a construction crew discovers the tomb and a mysterious man is authorized to investigate the site. Starts the story of the new movie of the popular Mummy series. The story doesn’t feel tight and well written but this movie works perfectly as horror movie made just for fun. Making good horror movie is extremely hard but “The Mummy” will manage to terrify you with its sheer intensity.

3. The Dark Tower

The Dark Tower earned its place on this list. This sci-fi movie is based on “37 Novels” by Stephen King. This movie was attacked by critics but I think the movie is not that bad. Now the story is nothing new but clearly, it can be watched for just one-time entertainment purpose.


2.The Hitman’s Bodyguard

The Hitman’s Bodyguard starring Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson was written and directed by Tom O’Connor and Patrick Hughes. This action and comedy film is truly a masterpiece from 2017. Michel Bryce was invited to work as the bodyguard of an arms dealer. This is enough to explain why this movie is so funny. It also got a 7/10 rating on IMDB.

1. Dunkirk

Dunkirk, another masterpiece by Nolan. Truly how amazing it is that Christopher Nolan never fails to amaze us by showing how much creative he is. Nolan wrote the script and told the story of war pigs from three different perspectives. Next, there is the intense score by Hans Zimmer which promises to keep you glued to your seat. Therefore everyone should watch this movie.

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