Top 5 Netflix TV Series Of All Time


When I am not doing anything someone can find me laying on my couch watching Netflix. For a very long time, Netflix has been the go to choice of media consumption for a long time for me. As a result, I have watched a lot of good tv series on this platform. Choosing top 5 from them is really hard. I might miss out on some other great ones but these ones are my all time favourite. Your list might have other shows and we will be more than happy to know your list.


I especially love sci fi genre and this tv series does justice to that genre. The story line takes place in 1983 and follows 3 friends on their journey to find their missing friend. They will slowly get to understand the real story behind and will come face to face with very strange and weird things. The show stars award winning actor Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers. There is only one season released with 8 episode and the second season will land very soon.


This is another thrilling Netflix original tv series. The storyline follows a girl named Hannah who commits suicide and leaves behind 13 tapes behind. In these tapes, she explains why she took his life. Chilling right? well, the story is seen from a boys perspective named Clay and his phenomenal acting will ease a little pressure. There is only one season with 13 episodes, each episode dedicated to one tape.


This is the first Marvel superhero tv series and oh boy did they do justice. Yes, they pretty much did the best they could have done. This Netflix original follows ex – superhero Jessica Jones on her detective adventure. Where she takes on cases involving people with special powers.


This is arguably one of the best tv series of all time. Depicting the life of Drug lord and narco terrorist Pablo Escobar and showing his growth and fall. The timeline will take you back in the 80’s on the dawn of cocaine rise. The phenomenal acting by Wagner Moura will make you feel bad for a man who killed more than 5000 people. If you haven’t watched it yet I will strongly recommend you to watch it.


Not just as the best original Netflix series but also arguably one of the best tv series of all time. House of cards is very a political drama which follows Frank Underwood a Democrat appointed as the Secretary of State. The tv series shows his quest to seek revenge on the people who betrayed him while successfully rising to power. Critics are a big fan of this tv series and everyone should watch this series.