Top 5 free android and iOS games of June 2017


June 2017 is over and we are safe to say simply drowning in the vast number of games that came out lately. We have picked top 5  free games for Android and IOS from the vast ocean of games. So without wasting any time lets dive right into it.


In at number 5 is the STAR WARS: FORCE ARENA. The overall concept is like Clash Royal but much more detailed and Star Wars theme makes the gameplay pretty interesting. It is a multiplayer 1v1 or 2v2 PvP arena battle game. It is a card-based game where you have to draw cards to upgrade your characters. You can even build a guild with your friends. Almost every character from Star Wars series is available in the game. This is a well-stitched game and we did not come face to face with any lag whatsoever.


Warfriends is a unique game which is a card game combined with a cover based shooter. It manages to provide a unique experience which is a big deal and we all know that. You have to build an arsenal, deploy troops and when you finally go into battle it immediately starts to feel different and you feel you are doing something new. It feels like a new genre of game which it outrageous to say considering how many games come out every month. The overall experience of the game is pretty new as I said before and you might wanna check it out.


In at number 3 is SWORD ART ONLINE: MEMORY DEFRAG. It is a side-scrolling action RPG which manages to provide what it claims. This game is not chaotic as other RPG games and you feel like you are in full control of the game. The story line is good though if you had already watched the anime series then there is nothing new in the storyline for you. It gives the players a phenomenal gameplay and anyone can get addicted to it.


This game is essentially a clash of clan clone. Do not get turned off by that because it is probably the best clash of clan clone ever. Despite being in the same genre it provides much more than the clash of clans. It is quite surprising how much they managed to pack in the game. You can play missions and PvP just like clash of clans but the missions feel strategically placed rather than just being random. This might be a late release for this type of game but the gameplay fills that gap.

By the name you might think they are trying to rip off Clash of clans or clash royal but believe me they are not. It is an online car battle game which gets pretty intense because everyone is trying to kill everyone else. The game is chaotic and a hell lot of fun. You have to destroy other cars to win the battle and that is not an easy grab. I had to place it in number 1 because I enjoyed this game more than any other game on the list.

What do you think? which one is your favorite? let us know in the comment section down below.