Top 5 Features of Android-8.0 Oreo

Top 5 Features of Android-8.0 Oreo

The newest version of the Android OS, Android-8.0 Oreo was released on 21 August 2017. New Release has introduced some new features for its users. Following are the Top 5 Features of Android-8.0 Oreo in my opinion:

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1-2x Faster Boot Speed

OS has now 2x boot speed which help you phone to boot up more quickly when powered up. Hence Unlike old android phones, The phone supporting this OS will have better boot speed. The feature was tested on Google Pixel.

2- Autofill feature

Autofill feature after your permission, Remember login details of the apps you login. As a result the login speed will be increased.

3- Run Two Apps at Once

This probably is the most interesting feature of the Android Oreo. You can simultaneously see two apps at once. For example you can use Calendar and Watch a Videos simultaneously in the same screen!

4- Google Play Protect

This will scan applications installed in your device and also not even installed in your device to protect you from misbehaving apps

5- Battery

Android-8.0 Oreo has shows better power saving and thus shows better battery timings then previous versions.

6- New Emoji’s

New OS have 60 more more emojis. While improving and redesigning the previous emoji sets

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