This Guy Is Influencing Chefs In Singapore

Chef Damian D’Silva

Chef Damian D’Silva is 60 years old from Singapore. He is famous for cooking. Food lovers praise his dishes. In his sweet potato dishes, leaves and spinach are going to boiled gently in coconut milk and mixes prawns.

Passion is not becoming a chef:

His intention is not becoming a chef. He studied his cooking methods from his grandparents. He used to go to his grandparents’ house in school holidays. Damian is an aircraft engineer. After the divorce in the mid-life age, he was lost totally.

He drank and got mad. He thought of selling furniture in order to support himself for the living.

One of his Italy friends told that, come to Italy and cooks food as you know how to cook. Mr Marcello Cagleiri is his friend. He is working in a hotel there. His father is the owner of some hotels and restaurants which lead to profit.


D’silva told that he didn’t want to escape from that place. He went to find himself in order to live. He started working in a food and beverage industry in Singapore.

The loss in business:

He faced many of the problems in that industry and just wanted to cook because all the heritage food is vanishing there. He told that he lost around $500000 in his business as he is not a businessman.

Damian maintained patients in order to reach the goal. Once he told a dish to his friend. Then he became famous and influenced all the other chefs in that city.

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Nigel is looking after his dad’s business:

At present, his son, Nigel is a 33-year-old man. He is an accounting manager in that beverage industry. He is looking after his dad. His attention is only on bars and clubs. Meanwhile, his father is teaching the importance of heritage food and the ways to cook.

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