Think like Lenovo the future is here!


In the 3rd Annual Tech World Innovation Summit, Lenovo showcased their creativity by sharing their idea of augmented reality headset, the smart speaker projector, CAVA and Smart Vest.

According to Engadget, the headset is called “Lenovo Daystar headset” and has a 40-degree panel view and does not have to be connected to a PC or phone for it to work. It can run all by itself and is seen to be more useful to game or application developers. Developers can use this augmented reality headset to monitor the progress of their games or application and make it more appealing and realistic to suit their audience’s needs.

The smart speaker projector, on the other hand, is called “SmartCast +” which they hope to be efficient in recognizing objects and sounds and to give an AR experience to its users.

Lenovo is now shifting into giving their customers not just the product, but a good brand experience through their AI (Artificial Intelligence) Assistant “CAVA”, which is quite similar to Siri from Apple and Google Now which is exclusive to Google devices.

CAVA stands for Context Aware Virtual Assistant and has 3 primary jobs: 1st to hide the contents of the message on the lock screen using facial recognition wherein only the owner of the phone can open the messages through the facial screening feature of the gadget.

Secondly, it allows the owner to add or delete events in the calendar and adjust other schedules automatically. Lastly, it advises the person about the weather or traffic condition outside or what time shall the owner leave the place to reach his/her appointment on time.

Lenovo also has the concept of the “Smart Vest” which can monitor your heart rate daily for 24 hours. With a vision to lead the industry by flawlessly connecting people, devices, and the web, it’s no surprise that they thought of something really ingenious.