“…..he shouldn’t come,” Puerto Rico Residents Overly Angered by Donald Trump’s Comments About the Island.


Many inhabitants of the Hurricane Maria ravaged Island say they won’t be welcoming the American President with open arms during his scheduled visit to Puerto Rico.

A random interview to the Puerto Ricans showed that many of them were overly dismissive and angry when asked about the Trump’s description of the residents, dismissing the President’s claims that the relief aid program was going ahead smoothly.

Racheal Cruz described the president as some piece of trash who makes a fool out of himself and his nation. Cruz, a linguist, was mad at the fact that many parts of the Island still didn’t have power connections; schools and businesses still closed. She added that even the angriest Puerto Ricans were just afraid to openly insult the president since he is the one entirely responsible for helping them out.

Even those okay with the Government’s aid resented the president’s claim that Puerto Ricans are lazy and ungrateful. Nancy Rivera, a resident of the Northern coast Toa Baja town, said that the Island residents appreciated every bit of help they receive from the government, but disagreed with the President’s tweet saying “but his comments are not correct.”

Toa Baja was one of the hardest hit parts of the Island, and it forced the Rivera family to temporarily relocate to their son’s apartment at the Puerto Rico’s capital, San Juan.

The Puerto Rican Governor, Ricardo Rosselló, applauded the efforts the federal government had shown to revive the Island. However, he pointed out that Puerto Rico has been struggling for years due to their territorial status.

Gov. Rosselló also announced that water supply had been restored to the Island to over 50% of the residents. He further added that there is a possibility of restoring up to 25% of power connection to Puerto Rico.

Will Trump’s Visit Change a Thing?

Noelys Martinez who works at a call center expressed her doubts that the president’s visit would alter the state of the Island. Apparently, that is what every Puerto Rican feels about Donald Trump. Martinez said that “the lights are not going to turn back on because of him,”

Tomas Crispin, a store manager, stated that “Trump is not the solution for Puerto Rico.” Responding to Trump’s tweet about the Puerto Ricans, Crispin said he was overly angered by the comments, “All this money he has, and all the education he has, and he’s ignorant.”

Luis Torres said that “as far as I’m concerned, he shouldn’t come.” His wife nodded in agreement with her husband’s comments. She added that the president had expressed himself in a very disrespectful manner.