The Mercedes Mother Company, Daimler AG Overtakes Tesla and Releases the First Fully Electric Heavy Duty Truck, E-FUSO Vision One


Tesla announced earlier this year that they were going to release the first semi electric truck in in September. Their launch has been postponed twice now. In the meantime, Daimler AG, the mother company of Mercedes Benz has stolen Tesla’s spotlight and launched the first fully electric heavy duty truck. E-FUSO Vision One.

Daimler AG announced the E-FUSO Vision One, which is under the Mitsubishi Fuso truck brands during the Tokyo Motor Show on Wednesday.

The CEO of Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation and head of Daimler Trucks in Asia, Marc Llistosella said that the Automobile is a feasible fully electric heavy duty truck. The truck can carry a cargo of up to 11 tons, which a bit lighter than the concept truck Daimler AG presented back in July, last year. The car, carrying that amount of weight can go up to a maximum range of 350 km, equivalent to 220 miles before it requires a recharge.

Ready for Sale?

However, the E-FUSO Vision One is just a prototype of the truck that Daimler AG says will be selling in U.S, Europe, and Japan by 2021. Unlike the ordinary non-electric lorries, this automobile is ideal for only short distances. It is best for inter-city cargo transportation but not for cross-country transportation.

When Tesla failed to launch their semi in November, they moved to 26th of October, but they had to postpone the launch yet again to November 16th. Tesla CEO Elon Musk says the delays are as a result of model 3 building concerns.

There is still more that we do not know about the E-FUSO Vision One truck as the company didn’t release so much of its features.

The two automobile producers have been in a stiff competition lately, and with Daimler AG coming up with the first electric truck, you can bet that Musk is not so pleased with its late work.