Tesla Reveals the Launch Date of Their Semi-Electric Truck; the Wait Is Over


Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced on Sunday that the long-awaited semi electric truck will launch on 16th of November. Elon wrote that the vehicle would “blow your mind clear out of your skull and into an alternate dimension.”

The semi-electric truck has been highly awaited since the CEO revealed the teaser prototype during the 2017 TED conference. We do not have much information about the vehicle. However, the scant info available about the truck suggests that the semi-electric will be overly cheaper and safer than the current Tesla trucks.

The truck will be able to travel a range of 200 to 300 miles before it demands a recharge. And it is more environmentally friendly, primarily when used in ‘platoons.’

Elon Musk assured his shareholders during an annual meeting in June that, despite the fact that many people doubt the possibility of a long-range electric heavy duty truck, he and his team were confident that it was doable.

Musk had initially announced the launch date to September but postponed it to October. The October schedule couldn’t work still, and so he further delayed the release time to November. Tesla said that they moved last month’s date due to unfinished issues with model 3 construction.

Another reason is the company put more effort into battery production to help people affected by the hurricane, and so they couldn’t complete the semi-electric project at the scheduled time.

The wait will be over in around 24 hours the company will officially introduce the semi-electric truck to the world. It is a significant step towards the attainment of a cleaner and safer transportation system.

It is good news mostly to Tesla, which currently covers over 20% of the transportation greenhouse gas emission. Adam Jonas, a Morgan Stanley analyst, thinks that the truck will improve the transportation sector and cut down its cost up to 70%.

We will bring you more information about the Tesla semi-electric truck on 16th, don’t go nowhere.