Booking for new Tesla Model 3 is ongoing and I don’t have to explain the huge hype around it. 11 years ago Elon Musk said he will make an affordable production electric car for everybody. Most importantly he delivered on his words. A Point often overlooked that we all love electric cars but there are very few of them everyone can buy. Most of us are concerned about our environment and we want to do something about it. Making cheap but good quality electric cars will help us to reach that goal.


The Tesla Model 3 is a minimalistic car from the inside and outside. Tesla wanted to make the production line of this car as simple as possible. The model 3 is a little bit smaller than the model S, around 20% smaller. The exterior looks very simplistic and feels like a premium car.


The interior is also very minimalistic. All the controls are accessible from the 15-inch screen or the two dials on the driving wheel. There are no extra buttons anywhere. The air conditioning vents are stretched through out the dashboard. Because of this interior design, the car feels very futuristic. It might take some time to get used to the controls but someone had to push forward and Tesla did it.


There is some add ons like the wooden dash board and the glass roof. In fact, this car will be available in 4 colours to choose from.


First of all the Tesla Model 3 is available in 2 model. One is the standard battery model and the other one is long range battery model. The standard battery model has 50 kWh battery and can go 350 km on a single charge.  It will do 0-60 in 5.6 seconds.


The long range battery model has a 75 kWh battery and can go 500 km on a single charge. It will do 0-60 a little bit faster, in 5.1 seconds. Both models have a top speed of 225 kph. The Model 3 does not have the full auto pilot options but if opt for an add on it will do auto parking and lane maintaining on a highway for you. It also has some advanced security features. By the way, it is only a single motor car. It has only rare wheel drive but Tesla said they are working on a 4 wheel drive car.


The base model without any add ons will cost you around $35000 and with all the add ons the long range model will cost you $45000. The price range is perfectly in the sweet spot and very affordable price for a car like this.

You can book the car right now if you want but it will take at least 3 months for you get the car. The production will reach its peak within December 2017.