Tension Between The Nations: North Korea Warns to end the United States!

us vs nk

North Korea was never more apart from the rest of the world. All the political experts around the world know it is a worrying scenario. As North Korea entering into the extreme aggressive mode. The urgent reason for this worry is the successful test of the intercontinental ballistic missile by North Korea that had made it possible to strike down the US with a nuke strike.

Possibility of a direct conflict

The particular scenario has become even worse with Donald Trump following the footsteps towards a more aggressive attitude. Trump had been asking China to launch a military offensive against North Korea. Whereas, Kim Jong-un has a firm stand on not to take a step back.

End the US!

In order to respond to this diplomatic threat, America’s two supersonic bombers flew over North Korea to demonstrate the power of US last month. It shows a clear indication of a war between the nations. According to the North Korean state media, Kim Jong-un had allegedly declared his mission to “end the US” as a response.

What is the other factor behind it?

Recently, United Nations had declared to introduce even severe economic judgments if North Korea doesn’t change its attitude.

The UN’s tough sanction making it better or worse?

It’s still debated whether these sanctions are beneficial or are they just worsening the situation. Clearing this mist a bit, Kim Jong-un told to VCNA, “The day the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is provoked, will mean the end of US.”