Taylor Swift Emerged As Winner in the Sexual Harrasment Case


The lawsuit occurred between the star pop artist Taylor Swift and former radio host David Mueller. The case was regarding a sexual assault. The allegations on David were that he groped Taylor Swift. The incident took place during the Denver meet and greet. The jury gave a unanimous decision in favor of Taylor Swift on Monday. They found David Mueller guilty.

What compensation did Taylor receive for the damages?

Taylor Swift asked for only 1 dollar for the damage payments. She said that she wanted to serve this case as an example for every woman. She was granted the asked amount.

The closing statements

Taylor Swift’s lawyer Douglas Baldridge said that this single dollar is a symbol of hope for every woman in this situation. He said that it serves an immeasurable value.

Whereas, Gabriel McFarland, David Mueller’s attorney said that he wasn’t sure why his client would introduce him to Swift and then assault the megastar the very next moment.

Earlier, a federal judge rejected a part of the case that Mueller brought against Swift. The judge said on Friday that Mueller couldn’t prove that Swift was getting him fired.

Taylor Swift then went for a counter trial against Mueller for sexual assault. This filing led to the Denver trial. It’s jury selection began on Monday.

Swift’s Response

 Mueller’s attorney asked some tricky and harsh questions to Taylor Swift. Swift responded: “I am not going to allow your client to make me feel like it is any way my fault because it isn’t.”