Take a look at Obama’s letter to Trump on the Inauguration Day!


Tale of the Presidents

Current US President Donald Trump is known for being the news headline. He is mostly in the midst of one controversy or the other. Trump is famous for his radical actions. On the other hand, the former President Barack Obama had a completely opposite image. Obama was loved by many. He had a very clean image as the President.

A letter from the Former to the Latter

President Obama left a handwritten letter for Donald Trump just before leaving the Oval Office. The letter was enveloped and addressed to ‘Mr. President’ neatly. CNN has obtained a copy of the Inauguration letter recently. This is the first time that this letter was made public. Obama had offered four pieces of advice through this letter to Trump.

First advice

Obama told Trump that they both had been blessed with good fortune in unique ways. He added that everyone is not as lucky as they both were. Former President said that it was their responsibility to ensure success for the people and their family who were willing to work hard.

Second advice

Obama wrote that the leadership of America is indispensable in this world. He added that it was upon their shoulders to maintain order in the world. He said that their safety and prosperity also depends upon it.

Third Advice

Obama said that it is their responsibility to safeguard the democratic tools such as the rule of law, civil liberties, etc. regardless of the tough politics.

Fourth Advice

Obama advised Trump to make time for the friends and family regardless of the hectic responsibilities. He added that they would provide the strength to excel in difficult times.

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