This Bag Can Charge Your Phone And Laptop At The Same Time


Your fancy laptop and smartphones are nothing without its battery and these batteries run out of juice pretty quickly. We have to charge them now and then to keep them running. A company named LAER is working on a laptop bag which can charge phones and laptops. Currently, they are working on the prototype and running a crowdfunded campaign to raise money on Indiegogo. The bag is available for preorder and you can order one of these for $160. Is this bag worth $160? let’s find out.

In short, LAER is a power bank which also happens to be a bag pack. This bag has quite a few interesting features like wireless charging, tracker, USB C and much more. It supports fast charging and it’s also compatible with Windows surface. Another good thing about this bag is its capability of swapping between 2 batteries. One is 5000 mAh and another one is 20000 mAh. Therefore you don’t have to carry around a bigger battery if you are just going to charge your phone. You can swap that out and use the 20000 mAh one if you want to charge your laptop.

You can charge at least 3 devices at once which is more than enough. The bag takes 7-8 hours to charge and you can use that juice to charge your phones at least 8 times or your laptop once. This technology is quite useful for those people who travel a lot. It eliminates the need of carrying different adapters and power bank. Most of all you can use this bag to carry your laptop too. This bag looks fashionable and the built quality is quite good. I felt the wireless charging feature is a little unnecessary but who gives.

I think this could be a great hit in the market. The only thing that is bothering me is the price tag other than that the product is actually pretty good and has some practical use in anyone life. What is your opinion on this bag? let us know in the comment section. We will love to know your thoughts on this product.